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Our goal is to inform everyone of the new law Queensbury & Fort Ann is trying to implement. We want our children and grandchildren to grow up in the towns we have all grown to love. Even if you don't own a rental, this should scare you. A freedom taken away is one that you rarely ever get back. They don't remove laws and give us more freedom, they slowly take it away, one law at a time as is evident with the addition to the existing Queensbury law. If this law were to pass, what's next? Please help spread the word by sharing the links to articales, videos and calenders to up coming town meeting below.

Together we can fight to keep their Hands off our Homes!

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Fort Ann NY Town Board Meeting - 02-2022

Fort Ann NY Town Board Meeting - 02-2022

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Planning Board Meeting Fort Ann NY- July 2021  2021

Planning Board Meeting Fort Ann NY- July 2021 2021

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Fort Ann Town Meeting  - Short Term Rental Laws

Fort Ann Town Meeting - Short Term Rental Laws

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Fort Ann NY TOWN Board Meeting June 2021

Fort Ann NY TOWN Board Meeting June 2021

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Town Board Info
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     My name is Katelyn Moskos, and I am the owner of Northern Living.  I’m sure you are all familiar by now with what is going on in Fort Ann.  We have been trying to inform and educate every single resident by posting updates and links as we receive information regarding the laws that Fort Ann is trying to regulate short-term rentals for privately owned homes.  Being a business owner, and owning several rental homes on Hadlock, this hits home to me.  I take it very seriously and personally.  I wanted to take a minute and just share my thoughts and feelings on this issue, not only as a business and homeowner but also as a member of the Fort Ann community. 


   My husband and I have built Northern Living, from nothing.  We have put every penny and our blood, sweat, and tears into creating, building and growing this company.  We have sacrificed time with our family, and have worked so hard to grow our business to where it is today. 


   We have been very fortunate that all of the hard work has paid off.  We have been very fortunate with how the world is today, that we have been able to continue to profit and thrive.  We have been able to reinvest most of our profits back into our properties, and increasing the market values.  We support local businesses and contribute what we can back into the community whenever possible.  Any time an opportunity presents itself, we refer any of our renters to other local businesses within the community.  We employ approximately 50 local residents yearly.  We are a part of this community.  Our employees are part of this community.  And our renters are part of this community, albeit temporarily, they bring revenue and business to many areas of this community.  This area thrives on tourism.  It is how most local businesses and families survive.  These “outsiders” that our rentals bring into Fort Ann, provide a large share of this area’s tourism revenue. 


   I am an advocate for rules and regulations.  I support any laws and ordinances that may protect residents and this community as a whole. However, with the recently proposed changes, I feel compelled to speak out and defend myself, my business, my fellow rental homeowners, as we are being targeted.  Over the years, we have established our own policies and guidelines to protect and support the safety of our renters when local mandates and protocols were not in place. 


   At all of our rental homes, we cater to all our neighbors to ensure they are not bothered or hassled by renters, or have not been distracted by us conducting normal business.  We have always made it a point to communicate with them, and to provide contact information in case they need to notify us for any reason whatsoever.


   With all that being said, I recently read that the town has received complaints.  I have never been notified by the town regarding any of these complaints.  Our prompt attention would be to rectify any issues immediately.  The new law would impose a fine to the homeowner for complaints filed against them.  Where is the obligation and burden of the town in this?  Why aren’t we notified and allowed to defend and/or deny these complaints without notice?  Where is the justification in this?  Where are my rights?


   These laws are too invasive.  Where does it end?  They would subject personal property to be entered without an invitation or warrant?  They would limit the number of guests per bedroom. Where are my rights?  What is happening here?  These laws are geared to “Northern Living facilities” (town board verbatim). These Northern Living facilities are what my husband and I sacrificed everything to build. What if the law was written to include “All Fort Ann properties”?  How many of you would feel the same?  This would mean that all residents (owner-occupied, investment, second home, rentals) would be subject to the same infringements.  That each resident could be fined $950.00 for a neighbor complaint, potentially without notice. I believe many, if not all, of the residents, would feel the same way I do. 


   For example, I own Property A and Property B.  Both properties have the same or similar septic capacity.  I reside at Property A.  I rent out Property B as a vacation rental.  Property A can have any number of guests, any amount of cars in the driveway, and no curfew.  While Property B is limited to 2 guests per bedroom plus 2 for the house, 2 cars in the driveway, and noise ordinance in effect at 10:00 pm.  How is this justified?


   I pay taxes to the Town of Fort Ann, and to the Fort Ann School District.  A lot of taxes.  Why should I have fewer rights than my neighbors?  Why should the Town of Fort Ann dictate who enters my homes, or how many people sleep there?  Why should any resident be regulated and restricted to maybe one day rent their home out? 


   Many residents in Fort Ann, on Hadlock, have to rent to keep their properties.  Taxes are high, and many residents cannot afford to live and maintain their properties without this rental income.  Why should they be penalized for this?


   I have also recently learned that the town has been reviewing and investigating all of my permits/septic systems.  As the town should ALREADY know, all of our septic systems have been upgraded. They reached out to the county to investigate, just to find out we are in compliance.


   Although it is of my personal opinion and intuition that Northern Living is being targeted, this is not a one-man fight.  This has the potential to reach and impair so many Fort Ann residents.  I intend to defend these unjust laws from affecting my business, my family and collect any and all of the Fort Ann residents that may be affected by this.  


   This business is my livelihood.  I support changing the laws, but it needs to be fair and across the board.  These proposed changes are unrealistic and unwarranted. 


    Let it be a community vote. Let the people of OUR town decide, not 6 board members. 


   This is our future, our children’s future in Fort Ann. I love this area and want my children and one day, grandchildren, to be able to enjoy it as I have most of my life. 


This is OUR town, OUR rights, and this should be OUR vote!!



Katelyn Moskos

Northern Living 

Lake George, NY 12845  


What you should know

Highlights of Local Law Regulating Short-Term Rentals

Article 3

*The Short Term Rental Property is limited to 1.5 vehicles per bedroom.

*Quiet Hours for the purpose of this law shall mean between the hours of 10:00PM and 8:00AM and shall be maintained by all rental occupants and VISITORS at the rental property.

*The maximum occupancy for each Short-Term Rental shall be 2 people per bedroom, plus 2.

*No Short Term Rentals shall permit dogs on the property without the following records: 1. A copy of a valid dog license from place of residence, or if none required, the Town of Fort Ann, 2. A current rabies certificate issued by a veterinarian, and 3 a signed certificate acknowledging receipt of a copy of the Dog Control Regulations of the Town of Fort Ann.


Article 5

*A license fee for the Short Term Rental Owners she be $$$ (unlisted amount) per year, per property. The annual license shall be issued on a calendar year basis and will be subject to all of the provisions contained in this law.

*A license may be DENIED, SUSPENDED, or REVOKED by the Town Board upon the following conditions: ANY violation of the terms of such license; information submitted by the applicant is found to be incomplete or incorrect; failure to remit the requisite payment or fees.


Article 6

*The Enforcement Officer or DESIGNEE shall be granted access upon reasonable request to the Short Term Rental Property for the purpose of inspection and/or enforcement of compliance with Short Term Rental regulations and/or Town and State Building Codes.

*Penalties. Any person who shall violate and provision of this Local Law, and order made hereunder, or any rules or regulations adopted pursuant to this Local Law in addition to other penalties provided for in this Local Law shall be guilty of an offense punishable in the following manner: A fine of not more than $950 for EACH offense.

Read the Full Proposed Law 


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